Security Leadership

An antidote to the hyperbolic security conferences that fill the IT calendar

The threat of cybercrime is real and a massive concern for organisations – large and small – throughout the world. The huge weight of responsibility to fend off attacks falls firmly on the shoulders of IT leaders.

However, they have to work tirelessly to see through the waves of hype in order to gain a truly 360 view of security in their enterprise. This has left a large disconnect between the content and resources constantly pushed onto CIOs, CISOs and the like, and exactly what they need to do to ensure their organisation isn’t the next highly publicised victim.

By focusing on exactly what matters to businesses when it comes to protecting their data, assets and infrastructure, Security Leadership takes a mature and sophisticated approach to educating its audience on threats, solutions and a clear roadmap for 2017 and beyond.

Through four targeted sections, Security Leadership ensures its attendees leave with genuine insight into formulating an effective security strategy.

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