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This is a flagship awards programme for the UK’s thriving IT industry, bringing together the highest achievers to honour excellence in tech leadership and showcase the powerful contributions of technology and innovation in today’s economy.

While the awards are designed to recognise the different talent involved in tech leadership, all winners share the same desire for using technology to disrupt industries, drive business value and find better ways of doing things.

The UK’s world-leading tech sector is a vital part of the British economy, with digital industries growing 32% faster than the rest of the economy, according to Tech City UK. The UK’s digital tech industries have a combined annual turnover of £161 billion, and the benefits are felt well beyond digital companies. Nearly half of digital jobs today exist in traditionally non-digital industries and organisations in all sectors must now ingrain technology in all facets of their business or face the consequences of being disrupted.

Information Age’s Tech Leaders Awards recognises the leading figures at the forefront of this disruption and innovation, playing a central role in helping organisations use technology to its full potential as a driver of business value, both at the top line and bottom line, as well as in the public sector for the benefit of UK citizens.

The winners are announced at a special gala ceremony in London on 8 September which brings together hundreds of the UK’s top business and technology leaders to celebrate tech leadership, excellence and innovation.

You can nominate yourself or a colleague or peer for an award until the 7th June deadline. It’s free to nominate and you can submit multiple entries.

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