Digital Leadership

Leading digital transformation in the enterprise

The transition to digital as the platform of choice for a whole range of services and experiences has heavily disrupted industries and made companies that failed to adapt redundant. Success and survival relies on digital transformation. Digitisation is having an enormous impact on business processes, services and transactions, and organisations must ensure they’re ready for this.

Digital innovation is now a common feature within workplaces, with most companies now digitally enabled to some extent. But when businesses respond to the threat from digital disrupters, they face new challenges in areas like distributed IT, shadow IT and data security. The decentralisation of IT is seen by many as a necessary ingredient of true digital transformation.

An organisation’s digital capability is increasingly becoming an indicator of their ability to succeed in the connected world. The digital transformation of an organisation can be a daunting prospect. Projects tend to be large and complex and involve many different groups of stakeholders. But if businesses don’t do it, they will be left behind.

By hearing first-hand case studies and exclusive insight from digital leaders who have already deployed successful digital transformations and digital strategies, attendees of this stream will walk away with a more sophisticated understanding of how to make it work for them.

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