Cloud Leadership

A definitive examination of cloud’s role in the enterprise today

More than four in five UK organisations have now formally adopted at least one cloud service, but this should not be mistaken by a belief that the technology has reached a level of maturity. This is just the start of cloud’s role in the enterprise.

Cloud technology may have been around for many years now, but there remains much uncertainty about how it should be used in a business setting. Yes, cloud applications are flourishing, but cloud infrastructure is a source of contention and disagreement as issues of privacy and security still linger.

Half of organisations in the UK expect to move their entire IT landscape to the cloud at some point, but is this just a pipe dream? If not, when will it happen – and what are the barriers standing in the way?

The Cloud Leadership stream will answer these questions in the best way possible: examining cloud computing through legitimate use cases, by the leaders who have led its deployment at a large scale.

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