Tech Leaders Summit 2019 Agenda


08:00 Registration opens

09:00 Producer & Chairperson’s Conference Welcome


Tania Ferreira, Senior Conference Producer, Bonhill Group


Christopher Conroy, Data Consultant – Head of Data Science



09:05 PRESENTATION: Tech Market overview
  • Highlighting the 2018/2019 breakthroughs

  • Where have these had the biggest impact?

  • Which tech will thrive?

  • What can we expect to see in the way of new tech or use cases in 2020?

Michael Baxter, Editor, Information Age
09:20 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: If you believe they put a man on the moon, you will believe that the future of innovation is collaboration

Tech Leaders celebrates open source as a category in its awards for the first time this year Amanda Brock reviews how the open source communities’ collaboration of the last 50 years has impacted innovation and how this collaborative approach will influence a future of co-opetition in enterprises’ innovation and in disruptive and future technologies, looking at examples from recent months and sectors from Cloud to Telco to EV Charging. 

With over a decade in Open Source, Amanda is uniquely placed to discuss this topic, as former General Counsel of Canonical the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, the European Representative of the world’s biggest defensive IP organisation which protects open source, the Open Invention Network and as Chair of the United Nations’ Technology and Innovation Labs’ Open Source and IP Advisory.


Amanda Brock, Chair of Open Source (OS) and IP Advisory Group, United Nations Technology Innovation Labs (UNTIL)
09:45 KEYNOTE PANEL DISCUSSION: Company tech needs vs the fear of missing out (FOMO)
  • Identifying and discussing the current top 3 tech trends
  • Which of these technologies have you invested in and how has it influenced your company thus far?

  • What were the challenges you faced in order to adopt the new tech?

  • How do you go about securing company-wide tech adoption in teams with opposing views regarding the technology? 

  • Which tech trend are you not likely to invest in and why?

  • Highlighting a less profitable tech investments and discussing how you and your team overcame this

Moderator: Sandeep Roychowdhury, Founder and Director, SMEinnovation
Mansoor Hanif, CTO, Ofcom
Anna Dick, CTO, Hiring Hub
John Pillar, CTO – Digital Ventures and Innovation, RBS
Jennifer Anderson, CTO, Incuto
Joe McFadden, CTO, HealthUnlocked
Sharon Moore, CTO for Public Sector, IBM


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Chairperson: Dr. Abdullah Albeyatti, CEO and Co-Founder, Medicalchain
11:30 PANEL DISCUSSION: Blockchain 101 and how it applies to your business

Audience Participation

  • What industry do you work in?

  • Do you understand blockchain and how it works?

  • What would you like the panel to consider in the discussion today – what is your blockchain question?

Panellist Discussion

  • Understanding blockchain

  • Who is this technology for and who should be investing in it?

  • How much do senior leaders have to know/understand?

  • How will this technology benefit your business processes? How can it be used to increase margins?

  • How can we use blockchain to propel business into new markets?

  • Identifying blockchain use cases

Moderator: Dr. Abdullah Albeyatti, CEO and Co-Founder, Medicalchain

Dr Anushka Patchava
, Expert Advisor (Healthcare; AI & Blockchain), United Nations (CEFACT)
Dr Vince Ming, Regional Director, FST Network
Jenny Knott, CEO, FinTech Strategic Advisors
Kanaway Yusingco, Managing Partner, Uniquely Wired
12:15 CASE STUDY: Data Fluidity: Leveraging digital health technologies to improve patient outcomes

With thousands of digital health technologies out there gathering, exchanging and managing data for healthcare services, across the care continuum including monitoring, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and intervention – the landscape is a minefield. This talk focusses on how a selection of these key technologies can be deployed to improve physician-patient interaction and positively impact population health.


Dr Anushka Patchava, Expert Advisor (Healthcare; AI & Blockchain), United Nations (CEFACT)
Dan Klein, Chief Data Officer, Valtech
12:40: PRESENTATION: Bringing virtual and augmented realities together to create an extended reality
  • Combining VR & AR and why

  • Understanding how these technologies interact with the physical world

  • Extended reality – what does this look like? 

  • Is there a place for this technology in the world or will it be yet another “3D TV”?

  • Who will this technology be aimed for? Can it be applied to B2B?

  • How can IT leaders use this tech within their organisations?

Asha Easton, Manager ImmerseUK, Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)
13:00 CASE STUDY: Where the real and the virtual interact seamlessly
  • History of stereoscopy

  • 3D TV vs HR Headset

  • Mobile VR 3 DOF vs Mobile VR 6 DOF

  • High-end VR Oculus DK2 vs VIVE Pro Eye

  • Use case examples in marketing, training, strategic thinking and remote assistance

Patrick Tomasini, XR Expert


Sponsored by Appointedd

Chairperson: Jonathan Cosgrove, Associate Director, Programme Manager & Advisory to VP/CAO HR, IT & Corporate Services, EBRD
11:30 PANEL DISCUSSION: Digital transformation strides and forecasts
  • B2B and B2C digital transformation strategies – how do they differ and what can we learn from both?

  • What are the latest activities, processes, models and competencies that have undergone digital transformation in your organisation?

  • What are the steps to guarantee a successful transformation? Case study examples shared

  • What continues to be the biggest digital transformation challenge?

  • How are we balancing the digital and human elements?

  • 3-year prediction: What will change? What opportunities and challenges do you foresee?

Moderator: Christopher Conroy, Data Consultant – Head of Data Science


Georgina Owens, SVP IT Services, DAZN
John Pillar, CTO – Digital Ventures and Innovation, RBS
Finbarr Joy, Technology Leader, Superbet
Robert Darling, CCO and COO, Eko
Rufus Grig, Chief Technology & Strategy Officer, Maintel Europe Ltd.
12:15 PRESENTATION: Entrepreneurial Lessons for Digital Transformation: What Goliath Can Learn From David
  • Entrepreneurial mindsets and behaviours as a framework for digital transformation
  • How deep collaboration between enterprise and supplier can superpower results
  • Live case study discussion on how Appointedd collaborated with Mamas & Papas to elevate their service
Leah Hutcheon, CEO & Founder, Appointedd
12:35 PRESENTATION: The key to retaining millennial employees

The average millennial employee changes jobs every 1.4 years. How do we get them to stay longer?

  • Millennials are becoming the largest generation in the current workforce, yet they are the least engaged generation in the workplace
  • How this leads to extremely high financial and operational costs, low morale for the remaining staff and reduced productivity
  • Why, when considering a job, millennials care most about: personal learning and growth, open and honest communications with their team and manager, and good workplace culture that fosters creativity and morale? 

  • How to match their expectations for learning and communicating at work through a familiar tech tool that will resonate with them and unlock better workplace engagement
Robert Darling, CCO and COO, Eko
12:55 CASE STUDY: How to deliver the business benefits of inclusive design & digital accessibility
  • Inclusive design is big idea number 7 in LInkedIn’s ’50 Big Ideas for 2019’, just below Brexit, just above AI.
  • Making IT work for disabled people has always been the law. Now organisations like Microsoft, Apple and Google are investing heavily in it.
  • Why ‘2019 is the year inclusive design goes mainstream.’
  • Business benefits – are these just for the creators of OSes and devices, or can your organisation also benefit?
  • What are the accessibility responsibilities for CIO and CTOs?
  • How can new International Standard ISO 30071-1 help you understand those benefits & responsibilities,
  • How to efficiently embed it into the way you do digital transformation
Jonathan Hassell, CEO, Hassell Inclusion



Attendees are welcome to join the topic specific lunch tables to discuss the topics with like-minded industry peers.
Enjoy your lunch whilst discussing the key takeaways from our morning sessions, pre-empting the discussion points for the afternoon sessions and making valuable connections with fellow attendees.



Chairperson: Michael Baxter, Editor, Information Age
14:15 PRESENTATION: Business process automation – why, where, when and how?
  • Discussing intelligent automation and the most common implementation

  • Understanding the benefits and challenges – how are companies overcoming them?

  • How do you get started?

  • What are the next steps in order to scale?

  • Where do you get the skills and how does it impact the workforce?


Sarah Burnett, EVP and Distinguished Analyst, Everest Group
14:35 PANEL DISCUSSION: Beyond RPA: using AI to super-charge your automation efforts
  • Based on industry research, how is RPA influencing enterprise and systems integrators across industries?

  • What are the benefits and limitations of RPA?

  • How can AI super-charge RPA?

  • Understanding the different types of AI?

  • How to go beyond the usual arbitrage benefits of RPA

  • How to start your RPA + AI journey

  • What is the future of RPA and AI


Moderator: Sarah Burnett, EVP and Distinguished Analyst, Everest Group
Andrew Burgess, Strategic Adviser on AI and RPA, AJBurgess Ltd.

Richard Tang, Founder and Chairman, Zen Internet
Ricky Delandro, Head of Business Innovation, HSBC Corporate Banking 
Jonathan Cosgrove, Associate Director, Programme Manager & Advisory to VP/CAO HR, IT & Corporate Services, EBRD 
15:15 PRESENTATION: A New Era of Cyber Threats: The Shift to Self Learning, Self Defending Networks - The Enterprise Immune System: The World’s Leading AI
  • Leveraging machine learning and AI algorithms to defend against advanced, never-seen-before, cyber-threats
  • How new immune system technologies enable you to pre-empt emerging threats and reduce incident response time
  • How to achieve 100% visibility of your entire business including cloud, network and IoT environments
  • Why automation and autonomous response is enabling security teams to neutralize in-progress attacks, prioritise resources, and tangibly lower risk
  • Real-world examples of subtle, unknown threats that routinely bypass traditional controls
Edward Nass, Manager and Account Director, Darktrace
15:35 CASE STUDY: As Software eats the world, Machine Learning eats software

Increasingly, Machine Learning is the ‘what’ (& ‘how’) for software development initiatives. This talk explores the commercial imperative, and the structure and culture changes that underpin the transition from regular ‘IT’ software development to machine learning-enabled teams.

  • Appreciate the techniques that tackle ‘culture’ and help mobilise change and alignment across ‘data’, ‘development’, ‘analyst’, and ‘business’ practitioner communities

  • Identify scenarios that have generated successful outcomes, and pitfalls discovered in the organisations profiled

  • Understand freely available (open source) tools options that enable teams to get up and running with machine learning approaches quickly

Finbarr Joy, Technology Leader, Superbet Case study


Chairperson: Christopher Conroy, Data Consultant – Head of Data Science
14:15 PANEL DISCUSSION: Leveraging diversity for greater innovation

Innovation happens in teams, not with individuals. Great innovation brings different disciplines, suppliers, partners and customers together to co-create. Central to great innovation is the ability to have people from different professional, organisational and cultural barriers working in collaborative harmony.

  • How to get people who don’t work together, working together to create better products and services

Moderator: Matt Ballantine, CIO and CTO Advisor, Stamp London


Dr Nancy Doyle, CEO, Genius Within UK

Timo Peach, Creative Director, Momo:zo

Leila Willingham, Development Executive, Liz Lean PR

Mohan Yogendran, Director, Rockpools
Karima-Catherine Goundlam, Founder, Red Dot Digital
14:55 PRESENTATION: How to build your teams of the future

The needs, wants and desires of your next generation of employees are changing in line with how your services will be identified, procured and consumed.  In this session, I will walk through how my own 10-year-old twins have changed how we build teams for the future and drive maximum collaboration, engagement and team work.


Lee James, CTO – EMEA, Rackspace
15:15 PRESENTATION: How to create and sustain a high-performing culture from scale to growth
  • What are the key mistakes that lead to failure?

  • Why Top Leaders must go first – The process

  • From defining culture, setting performance metrics to communicating across the organisation and tracking progress

  • How to adapt the process when companies grow in numbers and build their international footprint

  • What to do when companies merge or get acquired given that mergers mostly fail due to cultural issues

Andrea Petrone, Strategic Advisor and Leadership Expert, AP Executive Coaching
15:35 PRESENTATION: The importance of senior female mentors - a Code First: Girls perspective

As an organisation providing free coding courses for young women, we realise how important it is not only to provide the students with learning opportunities but also with the confidence to commit to a role in a still male-dominated tech sector. This is where we need the help of more senior women working in the tech sector to help inspire and increase the confidence of young women who are considering joining the industry.

  • How Code First: Girls ran a mentoring scheme with a partner (as well as a few other initiatives) 

  • How young women envisage and benefit from mentoring opportunities

  • Who is an ideal mentor

  • Whether being exposed to women in tech roles either as mentors or course instructors affects young women’s decisions about their career

  • Any potential benefits for mentors and companies offering mentoring opportunities.
Ewa Magiera, Head of Communities, Code First: Girls
15:55 PRESENTATION: How a great culture gives a business competitive advantage
  • Reinforcing the impact the culture has on your business

  • Why your values are the key to a great company culture

  • How the right culture enables you to recruit, inspire and retain the right people

Jacqui Mann, Founder, J Mann Associates



Chairperson: Christopher Conroy, Data Consultant – Head of Data Science
16:30 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: 5 Steps to becoming an influential, inspiring, highly effective leader

Once someone becomes a senior leader or starts a company, their leadership ability is the one thing that will determine their long-term success and impact. You need to give yourself and your teams the tools to transform into leaders who can drive your company towards growth, success and profits.


Recently voted the #7 top leadership expert worldwide, Michael has both the real-life background (founded three international software companies) and world-class education (MBA & Masters in Spiritual Psychology) to teach leaders the tools to succeed. Now he is opening up his magic tool box to share his winning 5-step strategy so you too can finally become the inspirational leader that people line up to follow.

In this final keynote, you will learn the keys to:


  • Holding people accountable…WITHOUT being a jerk

  • Smashing your personal goals and work targets

  • Empowering your people to maximize their performance and growth

  • Looking good in front of investors / upper management

  • Making sure you don’t let anyone down

  • Developing your ‘leadership presence’ and confidence

  • Continuing on your upward career path

  • Motivating, inspiring and leading with positivity

  • Earning true respect and loyalty from everyone

If you want to make sure that your career doesn’t stall, that you’re seen as a strategic player in you company, or that you have the influence to drive true change in your organisation, then this powerful last session is for you.

Michael Anderson, The Technology Leadership Insider
16:55 SUMMIT ROUND-UP: The future of Leadership in Tech
  • Identifying the key takeaways from this year’s summit

  • Which ideas will you implement within your organisation/team? Pledge your plan of action for 2019/2020

  • What will be the challenges and new opportunities moving forward?

  • What topics and focus should be considered for the Tech Leaders Summit in 2020?

Tania Ferreira, Senior Conference Producer, Bonhill Group



Tech Leaders Awards 2019

19:00 Drinks reception

20:00 Welcome and keynote address


Information Age and Bonhill Group are delighted host this flagship awards programme for the UK’s thriving IT
industry, bringing together the highest achievers to honour excellence in tech leadership and to showcase the
powerful contributions of technology and innovation in today’s economy. This glamourous evening brings together
hundreds of the UK’s top businesses and senior leaders.

We wish all the finalists the very best of luck!


Tickets are still available.

This is a pay-to-attend event. If you would like to purchase your ticket for the awards evening, please get in touch or alternatively, please book using the link below.





Royal Lancaster London

Lancaster Terrace, London W2 2TY

12 September 2019


Dress code for the Summit and Awards: Smart Business / Business Casual


Royal Lancaster London