Title of presentation: Data enablement: Building a path towards machine learning and self-service analytics.
Self-service analytics and machine learning are game-changing capabilities for your business as the insights and products they make possible can help you make better decisions, improve operations, accelerate revenue and create new products. But embracing data enablement requires up-front work in breaking down data silos, data governance, data hygiene, data pipelining and data integration. In this session, Pythian’s Paul Vallée imparts his insights and experience garnered supporting several hundred customers’ efforts to compete with data.

Biography: Paul Vallée, CEO, Pythian

Paul co-founded Pythian in 1997 and became CEO of the Company in 2005. His passion and foresight for using data and technology to drive business success has helped Pythian become a high-growth global company with over 400 employees and offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. Paul is a strong proponent of technical excellence as well as diversity in the workplace. Prior to founding Pythian, Paul worked as a data scientist and he holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Management Information Systems from the University of Ottawa.