Title of presentation: Do you feel Digitally Disenfranchised?

Digital transformation is a mantra found everywhere in current industry literature, but in many cases no attention is paid to the challenges faced by those who have already invested in business computing solutions. This session will examine the factors needed for successful transformation in a world which is never as perfect as the books suggest.

Biography: Martin Percival, Principal Cloud Evangelist, Red Hat

Martin Percival has been employed by the IT world for 32 years and is at pains to tell his children that using social media is not the same as understanding the internet. He has worked in areas as diverse as support and consultancy but quickly discovered a love of explaining IT for varied audiences and so now specialises in bringing those explanations to customers, and the press and analyst communities. Martin’s love of synthesising broader ideas from small details has led him naturally to Red Hat, where he now works as a Solutions Architect, helping others understand Red Hat’s growing technology offering and the Open Source model upon which it based.